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Bossuyt, Fabienne, Eline De Ridder, Jan Orbie, Elien Sohier and Anne Wetzel (2012): Transcripts of the public forum on the substance of EU democracy promotion, Brussels, 2 July 2012. Brussels more
Gebel, Michael (2012): Transition from education to work in Syria. Results of the Youth Transition Survey 2009. Torino [European Training Foundation Working Paper] more
Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): Globalization and the Labour Market Situation of Older Workers – Trends, Challenges and Strategies for Adaptation. Brussels [Thematic Review Seminar Discussion Paper] more
Hubl, Vanessa, and Thomas Bahle (2012): EuMin: Mindestsicherung in Europa. Datenbankdokumentation. Mannheim more
Hubl, Vanessa, and Thomas Bahle (2012): EuMin: Minimum Income Protection in Europe. Database Documentation. Mannheim more
Hörisch, Felix (2012): Lasst viele Blumen blühen – Für die Vielfalt der Kapitalismen, Fortschrittsforum, more
Vegetti, Federico (2012): European Electoral Democracy Under Stress. [ELECDEM Final Reports; 1] more
Wetzel, Anne, and Jan Orbie (2012): The EU’s Promotion of External Democracy: In Search of the Plot. Brüssel [Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Policy Brief] more