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Müller, Walter (2006): Introduction. [EQUALSOC State of the Art Report - Research Group Education, Social Mobility and Social Cohesion (EDUC)] more
Quittkat, Christine (2006): The DemoCiv database: Consultation, Participation, and Representation in DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. more
Schmitt, Hermann (2006): Partisanship: Causes and Consequences. Nicosia more
Schmitt, Hermann, and Jacques Thomassen (2006): The EU Party System After Eastern Enlargement. Dublin more
Schmitt, Hermann, and Wouter van der Brug (2006): Class, Religion and the Vote in Europe. The last quarter of a century. Bologna more
Shikano, Susumu, Michael Herrmann and Paul W. Thurner (2006): Explaining German Strategic List Voting with a Two-Step Random Utility Approach. more
Wüst, Andreas M., Dieter Roth and Ina Bieber (2006): Heidelberg-Studie 2006: Zur gesellschaftlichen Rolle von Frauen in Heidelberg. Heidelberg [Heidelberg-Studien] more
Finke, Barbara (2005): Policy Instruments of the European Commission: General Directorate Websites addressing Civil Society. [CONNEX Research Group 4: Activity Report] more
Leuffen, Dirk, and Stephan Weichert (2005): Schmerzliche Gedächtnislücken. Fehlende öffentliche Archive für Radio und Fernsehen. more
Schimmelfennig, Frank (2005): The International Promotion of Political Norms in Central and Eastern Europe: a Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Cambridge, Mass. [Central and Eastern Europe Working Papers] more