Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung | The MZES is a social science research institute at the University of Mannheim. It is committed to undertaking comparative European research and research into European integration.<br /> Das MZES ist ein Forschungsinstitut der Universität Mannheim. Es widmet sich der vergleichenden Europaforschung und der europäischen Integrationsforschung.

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Peycheva, Darina, Jana Pötzschke, Theron Delano Hall and Hans Rattinger (2014): Attitudes Towards Environmental Issues: Empirical Evidence in Europe and the United States. Roma [Transworld Working Paper; 31] more
Puzarina, Kristina, Jana Pötzschke and Hans Rattinger (2014): Attitudes Towards Human Rights and Democracy: Empirical Evidence in Europe and the United States. Roma [Transworld Working Paper; 30] more
Sauer, Carsten, Peter Valet and Lena Meyer (2014): Expectations towards economy and society: codebook of the employee survey. Bielefeld [SFB 882 Technical Report Series; 11] more
Schierholz, Malte (2014): Automating survey coding for occupation. Nürnberg [FDZ-Methodenreport; 10/2014] more
Weishaupt, J. Timo (2014): Central Steering and Local Autonomy in Public Employment Services. Brussels [PES to PES Dialogue; Oktober 2014] more
Allerkamp, Doreen (2013): British Euroscepticism – a View from "the Continent", EUSA Review - Forum, 2013, more
Blumenstiel, Jan Eric, and Tobias Gummer (2013): Long-Term Panels of the German Longitudinal Election Study (GLES). Concept and Implementation. Köln [GESIS-Technical Reports; 2013,11] more
Drahokoupil, Jan, and Stefan Domonkos (2013): Reforming pensions: the limits of diversification. Brussels [ETUI Policy Brief European Economic, Employment and Social Policy; 3/2013] more
Eichhorst, Werner, and J. Timo Weishaupt (2013): Mit Neo-Korporatismus durch die Krise? Die Rolle des Sozialen Dialogs in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Bonn [IZA Discussion Paper Series; 7498] more
Gebel, Michael (2013): Is a Temporary Job Better than Unemployment? A Cross-country Comparison Based on British, German, and Swiss Panel Data. Berlin [SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research at DIW Berlin; 543] more