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Neugschwender, Jörg (2008): Supplementary Pensions in a Comparative Perspective: Inequality Patterns in Recipient's Share and Income. [Governance of Supplementary Pensions in Europe (GOSPE Final Project Conference), Mannheim, December 04th to December 06th, 2008] more
Noelke, Clemens (2008): "Education and labor market entry in Central- and Eastern Europe", "Institutions and youth unemployment in East and Western Europe". [Education Systems and Labour Markets in Central and Eastern Europe, Bamberg, November 27th to November 28th, 2008] more
Noelke, Clemens (2008): Educational Expansion, Technological Change and Youth Unemployment. [ISA RC28 Summer Meeting "Work, Poverty and Inequality in the 21st Century", Stanford University, Palo Alto, August 06th to August 09th, 2008] more
Noelke, Clemens (2008): Technological change, educational expansion, and the changing distribution of youth unemployment risks. [EQUALSOC Network Conference, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, April 11th to April 12th, 2008] more
Noelke, Clemens (2008): Vocational education in transition countries. [16th Annual Workshop of the European Research Network on Transitions in Youth, Bamberg, September 10th to September 13th, 2008] more
Noelke, Clemens, and Daniel Horn (2008): Education and labour market entry - theoretical background for empirical analyses; Changing labour market entry dynamics in post-communist Societies - consequences of changes in the apprenticeship system. [Education Systems and Labour Markets in Central and Eastern Europe, Ljubljana, July 25th to July 27th, 2008] more
Noelke, Clemens, and Daniel Horn (2008): Labour market entry in post-socialist countries: consequences of institutional change in the apprenticeship system. [ISA RC28 Spring Meeting, European University Institute, Florence, May 15th to May 17th, 2008] more
Pappi, Franz Urban, and Michael Stoffel (2008): Cabinet Reshuffles as a Consequence of Diminished Voter Support: An Analysis of German Länder Governments. [International Conference on Cabinet Recruitment and Parliamentary Careers, Dornburg, November 07th to November 08th, 2008] more
Pfeifer, Michaela (2008): Attitudes towards Minimum Income Protection and their Macro-economic Context. [Seminar at Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies: Theoretical understandings of welfare attitudes, Aalborg, Aalborg University, September 03rd, 2008] more
Pfeifer, Michaela (2008): Mapping European Minimum Income Schemes. [EQUALSOC Midterm Conference, WZB, Berlin, April 11th to April 12th, 2008] more