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Gebel, Michael, and Johannes Giesecke (2008): Employment Insecurity and the Transition to Parenthood. [8th International GSOEP User Conference, Berlin, July 09th to July 11th, 2008] more
Gebel, Michael, and Johannes Giesecke (2008): Labor Market Flexibility and Inequality: The Changing Risk Patterns of Temporary Employment in Europe. [ISA-RC28 Spring Meeting "Social Stratification and Insiders/Outsiders: Cross-national Comparisons within and between Continents", Florence, May 15th to May 18th, 2008] more
Granato, Nadia (2008): Regionale Konzentration und Arbeitsmarkterfolg: Effekte der Gruppengröße bei türkischen Erwerbstätigen. [DGS Kongress - Sektion Migration und ethnische Minderheiten: 50 Jahre Arbeitsmigration in Deutschland – Von der verdrängten zur ‘nachholenden Integration’?, Jena, October 06th to October 10th, 2008] more
Gronwald, Mareike (2008): The Changing Public-Private Mix : German Supplementary Pensions in Comparison. [4th International Conference on Welfare State Change: Policy Feedback, the Role of Ideas, and Incrementalism., Aalborg, January 30th to February 01st, 2008] more
Gronwald, Mareike (2008): Changing Public-Private Mix in Europe: Trans-national Convergence or Path-dependence?. [6th Annual ESPAnet Conference 2008: Cross-Border Influence in Social Policy, Helsinki, September 18th to September 20th, 2008] more
Gronwald, Mareike (2008): From Path Dependence to Path Departure: The Changing Public-Private Mix in Europe. [Governance of Supplementary Pensions in Europe (GOSPE Final Conference), Mannheim, December 04th to December 06th, 2008] more
Gronwald, Mareike (2008): Supplementary pension systems in Europe: Germany in comparison. [ESPAnet Doctoral Research Workshop "The Politics of Recalibration: Welfare Reforms in the Wider Europe", Bologna, June 05th to June 07th, 2008] more
Gronwald, Mareike, and Tobias Wiß (2008): Supplementary pension systems in Europe: Germany in comparison. [Welfare State Institutions and Welfare State Outcomes, EQUALSOC/TRALEG-Workshop, Mannheim, March 06th to March 08th, 2008] more
Gschwend, Thomas (2008): Kausale Effekte von Koalitionssignalen? Experimentelle Evidenz. [Gastvorlesung, Universität Bern, October 17th, 2008] more
Gschwend, Thomas (2008): Kausale Inferenz mit Koalitionssignalen. [Gastvorlesung, Universität Zürich, September 22nd, 2008] more