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Jacob, Konstanze (2016): Intergenerational Transmission of Religiosity in Immigrant Families – How Important are Intergenerational Relations?. [Immigration and Integration in Cross-National Comparison, MZES, Mannheim, November 17th to November 18th, 2016] more
Jacob, Konstanze (2016): Intergenerational Transmission or Intergenerational Assimilation? Religiosity of Immigrants in Western Europe. [Forschungskolloquium „Empirische Sozialforschung“, Konstanz, May 31st, 2016] more
Jugert, Philipp, Lars Leszczensky and Sebastian Pink (2016): The effects of ethnic minority children's ethnic self-categorization on friendship selection in multi-ethnic schools. [Talk at the Dept. of Developmental and Comparative Psychology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, May 26th, 2016] more
Kalter, Frank (2016): Ethnic Inequalities among Youth in Europe. How Important Are Social and Cultural Aspects for Structural Integration?. [Universität zu Köln, Institut für Soziologie, Research Seminar: Evaluation of 4th cohort of doctoral students, Köln, January 20th, 2016] more
Kalter, Frank (2016): Growing up in Diverse Europe: How Important Are Social and Cultural Aspects of Integration?. [University of Groningen, Dept. of Sociology, ICS Spring Day Eröffnungsvortrag, Groningen, June 23rd, 2016] more
Kalter, Frank (2016): Growing up in Diverse Europe. Integration and the Lives of Minority and Majority Youth in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. [1st International CILS4EU User Conference, MZES, Mannheim, December 01st to December 02nd, 2016] more
Kalter, Frank (2016): Growing up in Diverse Europe - Pathways to Children of Immigrants' Integration. [Institut für Soziologie, Kolloquiumsvortrag, Maximilians-Universität, München, November 16th, 2016] more
Kalter, Frank (2016): The Structural, Social and Cultural Integration of Immigrant Children. [Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration (ALUM) Autumn Workshop, MZES, Mannheim, November 02nd to November 04th, 2016] more
Kiefer, Maximilian, Kira Meßing, Julia Musial and Tobias Weiß (2016): Westliche Jugendliche im Bann des Islamischen Staates - Radikalisierende Inhalte der IS-Propaganda am Beispiel des Onlinemagazins Dabiq. [Workshop "Ist der neue Terrorismus von gestern? Ergebnisse und Perspektiven der Terrorismusforschung in Deutschland", Halle, October 13th to October 14th, 2016] more
Kogan, Irena (2016): At school or at work? Comparing the role of vocational education and training in school-to-work transitions in German-speaking and Eastern European countries. [24th Annual Workshop of Transitions in Youth (TIY): Transition to Adulthood and Life Course Inequalities: Good Entry, Good Life?, University of Trento, Trento, September 07th to September 10th, 2016] more