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Krewel, Mona, and Shaun Bevan (2013): Responsive Elections: The Effect of Public Opinion on Political Campaigns. [6th Annual Conference of the Comparative Policy Agendas Project (CAP), Antwerpen, June 27th to June 29th, 2013] more
Kruse, Hanno (2013): From Spatial to Social Boundaries? Ethnic Residential Segregation and Friendship Segregation among Adolescents in Germany. [SOCLIFE Research Seminar, Universität Köln, October 23rd, 2013] more
Kruse, Hanno, and Jörg Dollmann (2013): Classroom Embeddedness and Academic Attainment: Social Networks as positive and negative Resources. [5th Norface Migration Conference, Berlin, November 01st to November 02nd, 2013] more
Kruse, Hanno, Sanne Smith, Frank van Tubergen and Ineke Maas (2013): Residential Segregation and Social Segregation of Adolescents in Europe. [XXXIII Sunbelt Social Networks Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Universität Hamburg, May 21st to May 26th, 2013] more
Kurella, Anna-Sophie, and Franz Urban Pappi (2013): Combining ideological and policy distances with valence for a model of party competition in Germany 2009. [72nd Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, April 11th to April 14th, 2013] more
König, Stefanie, and Dirk Hofäcker (2013): What do we learn about women’s and men’s work-life conflict by differentiating between welfare regimes and countries?. [FAMCHIP Project Conference "Comparing families: does international perspective help?", Warsaw School of Economics, December 17th to December 18th, 2013] more
König, Thomas (2013): Nationale Wahlen und ihre Auswirkungen auf Europa. [Ringvorlesung “Bundestagswahl 2013“, Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, May 15th, 2013] more
König, Thomas (2013): Das Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Subsidiarität und europäischer Gesetzgebung. [Symposium „Föderalismus und Subsidiarität“ anlässlich der 60. Wiederkehr der Verkündigung der Landesverfassung des Landes Baden-Württemberg, Walter Eucken Institut, Freiburg, March 07th to March 08th, 2013] more
König, Thomas, and Bernd Luig (2013): Strategic Gatekeeping and the Implementation of Globalized Policies in Parliamentary Democracies. [3rd Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association (EPSA), Parlament de Catalunya and Institut Verdaguer, Barcelona, June 20th to June 22nd, 2013] more
König, Thomas, and Sebastian Köhler (2013): Political Uncertainty and the Success of Reforms. [3rd Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association“ (EPSA), Parlament de Catalunya and Institut Verdaguer, Barcelona, June 20th to June 22nd, 2013] more