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Leszczensky, Lars, and Andreas Flache (2018): Interdependence of Ethnic Identities?. [2nd International CILS4EU User Conference, Utrecht, January 24th to January 25th, 2018] more
Leszczensky, Lars, and Tobias Wolbring (2018): Wenn Y einen Einfluss auf X hat: Eine Simulationsstudie zum Umgang mit umgekehrter Kausalität mit Paneldaten. [Gemeinsame Frühjahrstagung der Sektionen Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung und Modellbildung und Simulation der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Leipzig, March 23rd to March 24th, 2018] more
Leszczensky, Lars, Rahsaan Maxwell and Erik Bleich (2018): What Factors Best Explain Adolescent European Muslims National Identification?. [25th International Conference of Europeanists, Chicago, IL, March 28th to March 30th, 2018] more
Manger, Lea, Alexander Wuttke and Harald Schoen (2018): Dynamische Modellierung politischer Diskussionsnetzwerke. [Wahlstudientreffen DACH, Lausanne, April 12th to April 13th, 2018] more
Möhring, Katja, and Andreas Weiland (2018): Ausgleich oder Verschärfung von Einkommensrisiken? Lebenslauf und Alterseinkommen von Frauen in Deutschland im Paar- und Haushaltskontext. [Jahrestagung der Sektion Sozialpolitik der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Köln, April 26th to April 27th, 2018] more
Möhring, Katja, and Andreas Weiland (2018): The Interplay of Spouses' Work Trajectories over the Life Course and Gender Differences in Pension Wealth in Germany. [8th Annual Conference of the Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, Milan, July 09th to July 11th, 2018] more
Möhring, Katja, and Andreas Weiland (2018): The interplay of spouses’ work trajectories over the life course and gender differences in pension wealth in Germany. [Workshop - Inequality within Couples: On the Origin and Relevance of the Intra-household Distribution of Economic Resources, Humboldt-University Berlin, October 01st to October 02nd, 2018] more
Paasch, Jana (2018): When Europe hits the subnational authorities – The transposition of EU directives in the German regional parliaments between 1990 and 2016. [Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on the European Union, Paris, June 13th to June 15th, 2018] more
Paasch, Jana, Christian Stecker and Jale Tosun (2018): Party Competition and Implementation of European Law in the Multi-level Polity of Germany. [ECPR General Conference, Hamburg, August 22nd to August 25th, 2018] more
Pink, Sebastian (2018): Fertility and Social Interaction - A Simulation Approach. [XXXVIII Sunbelt Conference, Utrecht, June 26th to July 01st, 2018] more