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Neugebauer, Martin (2012): The Bologna Process and Social Inequality in Higher Education in Germany: A Pseudo-Panel Analysis. [ECSR/EQUALSOC Conference: Economic change, Quality of life and Social cohesion, Stockholm, September 24th to September 26th, 2012] more
Neugebauer, Martin (2012): Wer entscheidet sich für ein Lehramtsstudium – und warum?. [BMBF-Tagung Bildungsforschung 2020, Berlin, March 29th to March 30th, 2012] more
Neugebauer, Martin, and Steffen Schindler (2012): Early transitions and tertiary enrolment: The cumulative impact of primary and secondary effects on entering university in Germany. Acta Sociologica, 55, issue 1, pp. 19-36. more
Niebuhr, Annekatrin, Nadia Granato, Anette Haas and Silke Hamann (2012): Does Labour Mobility Reduce Disparities between Regional Labour Markets in Germany?. Regional Studies, 46, issue 7, pp. 841-858. more
Noelke, Clemens, Michael Gebel and Irena Kogan (2012): Uniform inequalities: Institutional differentiation and the transition from higher education to work in post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe. European Sociological Review, 28, issue 6, pp. 704-716. more
Osterloh, Steffen, and Marc Debus (2012): Partisan Politics in Corporate Taxation. European Journal of Political Economy, 28, issue 2, pp. 192-207. more
Pappi, Franz Urban (2012): Book Review: Hans Meyer: Die Zukunft des Bundestagswahlrechts, Baden-Baden 2010. Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen (ZParl), 43, issue 3, pp. 694-696. more
Pappi, Franz Urban (2012): Constructing Policy Spaces: Voter perceptions of parties´policy positions and their applicability to the construction of policy spaces. [Joint Workshop of the SFB and MZES on "Economic Voting", Mannheim, June 13th, 2012] more
Pappi, Franz Urban (2012): Parteiprogramme in der Wahrnehmung der Wähler. [Tagung "Moderne Wahlforschung", Theodor-Heuss-Akademie, Gummersbach, May 12th, 2012] more
Pappi, Franz Urban (2012): Roma locuta, causa finita? Politikwissenschaftliche Bemerkungen zur Wahlrechtsjudikatur des Bundesverfassungsgerichts. [Konstanz University Colloquium, Konstanz, October 19th, 2012] more