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Theocharis, Yannis, and Jan W. van Deth (2015): A Modern Tragedy? Institutional Causes and Democratic Consequences of the Greek Crisis. Representation, 51, issue 1, pp. 63-79. more
Theocharis, Yannis, Pablo Barberá, Zoltán Fazekas and Sebastian Adrian Popa (2015): A Bad Workman Blames his Tweets: The Consequences of Citizens' Uncivil Twitter Use when Interacting with Party Candidates. [111th Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA, September 03rd to September 06th, 2015] more
Theocharis, Yannis, William E. M. Lowe, Jan W. van Deth and Gema García Albacete (2015): Using Twitter to mobilize protest action: Online mobilization patterns and action repertoires in the Occupy Wall Street, Indignados, and Aganaktismenoi movements. Information, Communication & Society, 18, issue 2, pp. 202-220. more
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Thomann, Eva (2015): Is output performance all about the resources? A fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis of street-level bureaucrats in Switzerland. Public Administration, 93, issue 1, pp. 177-194. more
Tonoyan, Vartuhi, Robert Strohmeyer and Jennifer E. Jennings (2015): Cross-Country Gender Gaps in Perceived Start-Up Ease: Second-Order Effects of Labor Market Segregation. [8th Annual Diana International Research Conference, Wellesley, MA, June 08th to June 09th, 2015] more
Tosun, Jale, Andreas Fleig and Marc Debus (2015): Bürger, Parteien und die Energiewende: Eine Analyse am Beispiel des hessischen Energiegipfels. Der moderne Staat: dms; Zeitschrift für Public Policy, Recht und Management, 8, issue 1, pp. 153-171. more
Tourangeau, Roger, Frauke Kreuter and Stephanie Eckman (2015): Motivated Misreporting: Shaping Answers to Reduce Survey Burden. Pp. 24-41 in: Uwe Engel (Ed.) Survey Measurements: Techniques, Data Quality and Sources of Error. Frankfurt a. M.: Campus. more
Valliant, Richard, Jill Dever and Frauke Kreuter (2015): Effects of Cluster Sizes on Variance Components in Two-stage Sampling. Journal of Official Statistics, 31, issue 4, pp. 763-782. more
Valliant, Richard, Jill Dever and Frauke Kreuter (2015): PracTools: Computations for Design of Finite Population Samples. The R Journal, 7, issue 2, pp. 163-176. more