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Meyer, Cosima, and Cornelius Puschmann (2019): Advancing Text Mining with R and quanteda, MZES Methods Bites more
Meyer, Cosima, and Richard Traunmüller (2019): Data Visualization with R, MZES Methods Bites more
Meyer, Cosima, and Richard Traunmüller (2019): Visual Inference with R, MZES Methods Bites more
Meyer, Cosima, and Dennis Hammerschmidt (2019): Explaining Regional Patterns of Violence in Times of Political Struggle: The Case of the 2005 Parliamentary Election in Afghanistan. Journal of Regional Security, 14, issue 1, pp. 17-20. more
Mäki, Miika, Katja Möhring, Anna Rotkirch and Andreas Weiland (2019): Linked lives and couples’ later life well-being in Finland and Germany. [Workshop: New Social Risks and Pension Policies in Europe, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, May 21st to July 22nd, 2019] more