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Burgdorf, Katharina (2019): The Emergence of Auteur filmmaking: Identity formation through symbolic networks. [4th European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN 2019), Zurich, September 09th to September 11th, 2019] more
Bäck, Hanna, and Marc Debus (2019): When do Women Speak? A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Gender in Legislative Debates. Political Studies, 67, issue 3, pp. 576–596. more
Bäck, Hanna, Markus Baumann and Marc Debus (2019): Coordination of legislative speech in times of crisis: Youth unemployment and debates on redistributive policies in the Swedish Riksdag, 1994–2014. International Journal of Social Welfare, 28, issue 4, pp. 404-417. more
Bäck, Hanna, Markus Baumann, Marc Debus and Jochen Müller (2019): The Unequal Distribution of Speaking Time in Parliamentary-Party Groups. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 44, issue 1, pp. 163-193. more
Chan, Chung-hong, and Christiane Grill (2019): Understanding Supply and Demand in Communication Research: A Computational Approach. [69th Annual ICA Conference, Washington DC, May 24th to May 28th, 2019] more
Chan, Chung-hong, Cassius Siu-lun Chow and King-Wa Fu (2019): Echoslamming: how incivility interacts with cyberbalkanization on the social media in Hong Kong. Asian Journal of Communication, 29, issue 4, pp. 307-327. more
Chan, Chung-hong, J. Bajjalieh, L. Auvil, Hartmut Wessler, S. Althaus, K. Welbers and W. van Atteveldt (2019): Using ‘off-the-shelf’ sentiment dictionaries without revalidation: a p-hacking experiment. [5th International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2), Amsterdam, July 17th to July 20th, 2019] more
Chan, Chung-hong, Junior Yuner Zhu, Cassius Siu-lun Chow and King-Wa Fu (2019): The intertwined cyberbalkanizations of Facebook pages and their audience: an analysis of Facebook pages and their audience during the 2014 Hong Kong Occupy Movement. Journal of Computational Social Science, 2, issue 2, pp. 183–205. more
Chiru, Mihail, Thomas Däubler and Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen (2019): Electoral incentives in European Parliament Elections: Introducing a new collection of data on parties, MEPs and candidates. [Comparative Research on Political Elites Conference, Berlin, November 29th to November 30th, 2019] more
Chiru, Mihail, Thomas Däubler and Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen (2019): The sanction that isn’t imposed? Roll-call voting loyalty and demotion in European Parliament elections. [13th ECPR General Conference, Wroclaw, September 04th to September 07th, 2019] more