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Gross, Martin, and Michael Jankowski (2017): Analyzing Local Party Manifestos in Multi-Level Democracies. [7th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Mailand, June 22nd to June 24th, 2017] more
Gschwend, Thomas, and Michael F. Meffert (2017): Strategic Voting. Pp. 339-366 in: Kai Arzheimer, Jocelyn Evans, Michael S. Lewis-Beck (Eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Electoral Behaviour. London: Sage. more
Gschwend, Thomas, Michael F. Meffert and Lukas F. Stötzer (2017): Weighting Parties and Coalitions: How Coalition Signals Influence Voting Behavior. The Journal of Politics, 79, issue 2, pp. 642-655. more
Gschwend, Thomas, Simon Munzert, Marcel Neunhoeffer, Sebastian Sternberg and Lukas F. Stötzer (2017): New German election forecast: Merkel’s party will win but lose seats, The Washington Post: Monkey Cage more
Herziger, Atar, Amel Benzerga, Jana Berkessel, Niken Linda Dinartika, Matija Franklin and Kamilla Knutsen Steinnes (2017): A study protocol for testing the effectiveness of user-generated content in reducing excessive consumption.. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, pp. 1-10. more
Heß, Moritz, Elias Naumann and Leander Steinkopf (2017): Population Ageing, the Intergenerational Conflict, and Active Ageing Policies – a Multilevel Study of 27 European Countries. Journal of Population Ageing, 10, issue 1, pp. 11-23. more
Horwitz, Rachel, Frauke Kreuter and Frederick G. Conrad (2017): Using Mouse Movements to Predict Web Survey Response Difficulty. Social Science Computer Review, 35, issue 3, pp. 388–405. more
Horwitz, Rachel, Sarah Brockhaus, Felix Henninger, Pascal J. Kieslich, Malte Schierholz, Florian Keusch and Frauke Kreuter (2017): Learning from mouse movements: Improving questionnaire and respondents' user experience through passive data collection. Nürnberg [IAB-Discussion Paper. Articles on labour market issues; 2017] more
Hubl, Vanessa (2017): Household Nonemployment, Social Risks and Inequality in Europe. Mannheim: Dissertation Sozialwissenschaften Universität Mannheim & sciences sociales Universität Luxemburg. [Dissertation Sozialwissenschaften Universität Mannheim & sciences sociales Universität Luxemburg] more
Jugert, Philipp, Lars Leszczensky and Sebastian Pink (2017): The Effects of Ethnic Minority Adolescents’ Ethnic Self-Identification on Friendship Selection. [RC28 Spring Meeting 2017, Köln, March 30th to April 01st, 2017] more