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Kurella, Anna-Sophie, Franz Urban Pappi and Thomas Bräuninger (2015): Centripetal and centrifugal incentives in the German mixed-member electoral system. [73rd Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, April 16th to April 19th, 2015] more
Leszczensky, Lars, and Sebastian Pink (2015): Ethnic Segregation of Friendship Networks in School: Testing a Rational Choice Argument of Differences in Ethnic Homophily between Classroom- and Grade-Level Networks. [Frühjahrstagung der Sektion "Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung'' der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Universität Bremen, March 13th to March 14th, 2015] more
Neugebauer, Martin (2015): Welchen Einfluss hat die Bachelor-Master Struktur auf soziale Ungleichheiten in der Hochschule?. [3. Tagung der Gesellschaft für Empirische Bildungsforschung (GEBF), Bochum, March 11th to March 13th, 2015] more
Partheymüller, Julia (2015): Campaign dynamics of mobilization in German elections, 2005-2013. [ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, University of Warsaw, March 29th to April 02nd, 2015] more
Schmidt, Sebastian, and Anne Schäfer (2015): German Federal Election Campaigns in TV News Coverage – 2005 to 2013. Insights from the GLES media content analyses. [4th Young Researcher Meeting of the GLES Young Researchers’ Network, Düsseldorf, June 10th to June 11th, 2015] more
Schäfer, Anne, and Oana Lup (2015): What changes and what stays the same? Tracking changes in the nature and the relevance of political discussion for individual turnout across the election cycle. [Midwest Political Science Association 73rd Annual Conference, Chicago, April 15th to April 19th, 2015] more
Schäfer, Anne, and Sebastian Schmidt (2015): Bundestagswahlkämpfe in der TV-Berichterstattung – 2005 bis 2013. [Wahlstudientreffen AUTNES - GLES - SELECTS, Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung, March 19th to March 20th, 2015] more
Wessler, Hartmut, Antal Wozniak, Lutz Hofer and Julia Lück (2015): Global multimodal news frames on climate change. [65th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 12th, 2015] more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Aurelian Muntean (2014): When Striking Works: The Case of Unions in the Healthcare Sector in Romania. [8th ECPR General Conference, University of Glasgow, September 03rd to September 06th, 2014] more
Adascalitei, Dragos, and Stefan Domonkos (2014): What matters for pension policies? An argument on productivity, FDI and pension provision in Central and Eastern Europe. [CEU Center for Policy Studies, Budapest, May 26th, 2014] more