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Bräuninger, Thomas, Thomas Däubler, Robert Huber and Lukas Rudolph (2019): The Performance of Populist Right Parties in Open and Closed List PR system. Evidence from a Survey Experiment. [Advances in the Empirical and Theoretical Study of Parliaments, Konstanz, September 26th to September 28th, 2019] more
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Burgdorf, Katharina, and Henning Hillmann (2019): Kreativer Wandel durch symbolische Netzwerke: Die Identitätskonstruktion von „New Hollywood“. [Frühjahrstagung der DGS-Sektion „Soziologische Netzwerkforschung“, Köln, February 14th to February 15th, 2019] more
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Chan, Chung-hong, and Christiane Grill (2019): Understanding Supply and Demand in Communication Research: A Computational Approach. [69th Annual ICA Conference, Washington DC, May 24th to May 28th, 2019] more
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Chan, Chung-hong, J. Bajjalieh, L. Auvil, Hartmut Wessler, S. Althaus, K. Welbers and W. van Atteveldt (2019): Using ‘off-the-shelf’ sentiment dictionaries without revalidation: a p-hacking experiment. [5th International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2), Amsterdam, July 17th to July 20th, 2019] more