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Bender, Benedikt (2017): Staatsbürgerrechte und gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt. Nach bürgerlichen und politischen Elementen müssen soziale folgen, um die Stabilität in Europa zu stärken. Berlin [Newsletter für Engagement und Partizipation in Europa; 1/2017] more
Debus, Marc, and Martin Gross (2017): Positions on and issue emphasis of European integration and EU Cohesion policy: Analysing (sub-)national party manifestos. [COHESIFY research paper; 4] more
Gschwend, Thomas, Simon Munzert, Marcel Neunhoeffer, Sebastian Sternberg and Lukas Stoetzer (2017): New German election forecast: Merkel’s party will win but lose seats, The Washington Post: Monkey Cage more
Norpoth, Helmut, and Thomas Gschwend (2017): No country for neophytes: Angela Merkel will win Germany again, The Hill, more
Schoen, Harald, and Christian Schimpf (2017): On the psychological roots of populist voting: A discussion of Bakker, Rooduijn, and Schumacher (2016). [Working Paper] more
Tosun, Jale, and Jennifer Shore (2017): The Scope of European NEET Outreach Measures. Heidelberg [CUPESSE Policy Brief; 5] more
Hermann, Schmitt, and Sebastian Adrian Popa (2016): Turnout in the EP elections of 2014. Stockholm [Report; 2016] more
Jungherr, Andreas, Antonin Finkelnburg, Ralf Güldenzopf, Matthias Mader, Harald Schoen and Alexander Wuttke (2016): Wirkung politischer Informationsbriefe in Unterstützung von TTIP. more
Kalter, Frank (2016): Social Network Analysis in the Study of Ethnic Inequalities, Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Interdisciplinary, Searchable, and Linkable Resource more
Rothenbacher, Franz, and Georg Fertig (2016): Population, households and families, Deutschland in Daten online, 2016, more