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Weiland, Andreas (2018): The long shadow? Investigating links between within couple bargaining across the life course and women's old-age incomes in Germany. [16th Annual ESPAnet Conference, Vilnius, August 30th to September 01st, 2018] more
Wessler, Hartmut (2018): Comparing sentiments in media coverage on refugees, Islam and terrorism. A six-country study. [SCANPUB Summer Symposium, Bergen, August 30th to August 31st, 2018] more
Wessler, Hartmut (2018): From Textual-Plus-Visual to Multimodal Framing Analysis. [68th Annual ICA Conference, Prague, May 24th to May 28th, 2018] more
Wessler, Hartmut (2018): How Can Communication Support Constructive Engagement Across Deep Divides?. [Symposium "The Shifting Landscape of Public Communication", Seattle, WA, October 25th to October 26th, 2018] more
Wessler, Hartmut, and Chung-hong Chan (2018): Using Text Analytics Methods to Provide New Insights for Research on Contentious Processes. [Text Analytics Applications for Monitoring and Understanding Contentious Processes, Urbana, IL, January 31st to February 04th, 2018] more
Wessler, Hartmut, Linda Floeser, Katharina Ludwig and Nadine Victoria (2018): Imagining Refugees as Enemies: German Right-Wing Facebook Pages as Counter-Public Spheres. [68th Annual ICA Conference, Prague, May 24th to May 28th, 2018] more
Wetzel, Anne (2018): An Unexpected Spillover? EU-Russia Relations and Implications for Neofunctionalism. [Annual Conference of the Swiss Political Science Association, Geneva, February 05th to February 06th, 2018] more
Wetzel, Anne (2018): An unexpected spillover? International violence in the EU’s eastern neighbourhood and implications for neo-functionalism. [27. Wissenschaftlicher Kongress der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft, Franfurt am Main, September 25th to September 28th, 2018] more
Weyrauch, David, and Thomas Winzen (2018): Contested Multistakeholderism? Analyzing the Preferences of Internet Governance Participants. [The Hague Program for Cyber Norms Annual Conference: "Novel Horizons: Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace", The Hague, November 05th to November 07th, 2018] more
Winzen, Thomas, and David Weyrauch (2018): The Participation of Emerging Economies in Transnational Internet Governance. [GIG-ARTS 2018: 2nd European Multidisciplinary Conference on Global Internet Governance Actors, Cardiff, April 26th to April 27th, 2018] more