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Kalter, Frank, and Hanno Kruse (2014): Ethnic Inequalitites and the Dynamics of Social Networks. ["New Frontiers in European Social Research", 25th anniversary MZES, Mannheim, November 14th to November 15th, 2014] more
Kalter, Frank, and Irena Kogan (2014): Migrant Networks and Labor Market Integration of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Germany. Social Forces, 92, issue 4, pp. 1435-1456. more
Klein, Oliver (2014): Parental investments in early childhood and children's school success. [EQUALSOC/ECSR Workshop - Family Conditions and Child Outcomes, Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies, Amsterdam, June 10th to June 11th, 2014] more
Klein, Oliver, and Nico Sonntag (2014): Ethnische Unterschiede bei der Inanspruchnahme und Wirkung von außerfamilialer U3-Kinderbetreuung. [Zweite GEBF-Tagung "Die Perspektiven verbinden", Frankfurt am Main, March 03rd to March 05th, 2014] more
Klein, Oliver, Nicole Biedinger and Birgit Becker (2014): The effect of reading aloud daily - Differential effects of reading to native-born German and Turkish-origin immigrant children. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 38, pp. 43-56. more
Klingelhöfer, Tristan, Jochen Müller and Marc Debus (2014): Scrutinizing the Assumption of Consistency Benefits in Research on Multi-Level Party Politics.. [21st International Conference of Europeanists, Washington D.C., March 14th to March 16th, 2014] more
Kogan, Irena (2014): Politiche migratorie, processi di selezione e inserimento occupazionale degli immigrati. Pp. 271-290 in: Paolo Barbieri, Giovanna Fullin (Eds.) Lavoro, istituzioni, diseguaglianze. Bologna: Il Mulino. more
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2014): The Commission under siege? New challenges in interest representation and economic governance. [ECPR-SGEU, 7th Pan-European Conference on the European Union: The Commission in an era of politicization - neutral bureaucracy or strategic actor?, The Hague, June 05th to June 07th, 2014] more
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2014): Gerda Zellentin (geboren 1934). Pp. 797-809 in: Eckhard Jesse, Sebastian Liebold (Eds.) Deutsche Politikwissenschaftler - Werk und Wirkung: Von Abendroth bis Zellentin. Baden-Baden: Nomos. more
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2014): Kommission als Verbündete der Zivilgesellschaft?, BBE Europa-Nachrichten - Newsletter für Engagement und Partizipation, 2014, more