A European Societies and their Integration

The projects in Department A study the cultural, social, economic and welfare-state-based foundations of living conditions in Europe, their change and their variation in different European societies.

Research Area A1 studies the varieties and changes of the institutional structures in Europe that constitute crucial macro- and meso-conditions of societal integration. Research Area A2 addresses three structural core spheres of societal integration, which are the family, the educational system and the labour market. Research Area A3 focuses on specific groups who provide an especially telling litmus test for the integrative power of societies: immigrants and their children. Although research in Department A adopts various theoretical and methodological approaches, a common concern is the better integration of sociological theory and empirical research. Many overlapping and mutually stimulating research interests exist between the three areas. A series of projects in Department A compile or collect new elaborate large-scale, often longitudinal, data to give more appropriate empirical answers to key open questions. Many projects are embedded in wider national or international research initiatives.

A1 Institutions of Societal Integration: Market Economies, Organisations, and Welfare States

A2 Spheres of Societal Integration: Family, Education, and Labour Markets

A3 Focus Groups of Societal Integration: Migration and Integration

AI Associated Projects