B European Political Systems and their Integration

The main focus of research in Department B is on the development of democracy in Europe. Coherence of the research activities in Department B results from both the common interest in democratic governance in Europe and the methodological focus on theory-guided comparative empirical research in this area.

The issue of democracy in Europe with its focus on the conditions and contextual factors of democratic governance is approached from different perspectives and organised in three Research Areas. These three Research Areas focus on complementary, but also interrelated aspects of democratic politics in the European multi-level system of governance. Projects in Research Area B1 pay special attention to the conditions of democratic governance in terms of behaviour and orientations of citizens, and projects in Research Area B2 concentrate on the institutional contexts of democratic governance. Projects in Research Area B3 focus on political behaviour and political decision-making in regions which are influenced by European states or the European Union.

B1 Conditions of Democratic Governance: Behaviour and Orientations of Citizens

B2 Contexts for Democratic Governance: Political Institutions

B3 Democratic Multilevel Governance and Europeanization

BI Associated Projects