B2 Contexts for Democratic Governance

Research area B2 addresses the role of institutions such as political parties, parliaments and governments as key organisations that structure the contexts and processes of democratic governance.

Research projects are dedicated to two overreaching themes: (1) party competition, both in the electoral and the parliamentary and government arenas, and (2) processes of change of political parties (especially Europeanization) and changing roles of members of parliaments and governments in Western and Eastern Europe. Contexts for democratic governance, however, are not limited to parties, parliaments and governments. Two new core projects and two new supplementary projects are added to area B2 in the Eights Research Programme in order to deal with contextual changes. All core projects are based on comparative research designs. Furthermore, projects in area B2 do not consider parties, parliaments, governments or countries as unitary actors, but focus on processes within these bodies in order to obtain more pervasive explanations of the impacts of contextual structures on democratic governance.