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This newsletter is intended to contribute to facilitate data-based comparative research on European societies and polities. It is a product of the EURODATA Research Archive and has three major objectives:

  • to disseminate information on the research activities of the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, with particular emphasis on data-generating cross-national research the archive is involved in;
  • to provide information on European data infrastructures and important developments;
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information on ongoing comparative social research on European societies and on European integration.

The newsletter is intended to be an open forum: contributions from other research institutes and individual researchers are always welcome. The EURODATA Newsletter will, as a rule, be divided into eight sections:

  • Feature reports substantive findings from on-going cross-national research.
  • Data Infrastructure reports on data institutions such as data archives, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and covers historical developments and current modes of access to data.
  • Research Institutes presents profiles of research institutions with a cross-national orientation.
  • Research Groups and Projects informs on cooperations and networks in comparative social research on Europe.
  • Computer deals with specific aspects of electronic information processing and the use of electronic networks in comparative research.
  • Country Profile provides background information on individual countries.
  • European Social Indicators gives a picture of the social structure of European societies.
  • Noticeboard provides general news including information about new statistics, recent books and studies, conference reports and announcements.

Published by: Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) EURODATA Research Archive
D - 68131 Mannheim
Editors: Franz Kraus, Franz Rothenbacher
Managing editor: Franz Rothenbacher
Phone: +49-621-181 2831
Fax: +49-621-181 2834
Translations and linguistic editing: Marianne Schneider
Printed by: Druck & Kopie Hanel, 68159 Mannheim
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ISSN 0947-9260

EURODATA Newsletter appears twice a year, normally in spring and autumn. It is distributed free of charge to social science institutions and libraries. Contributions, comments and general notes are welcome. Parts of the newsletter may freely be reproduced, but please acknowledge the source and send a copy to the editor.