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EURODATA NewsletterNo. 3 Article 6

Other New ESA Research Networks

Sociology of Education

The goals of the network are to proceed in the establishment of research subgroups that could undertake comparative research in educational topics. Some members already have been working in the direction of comparative educational research. Other members work on curricula research and in alienation and even violent phenomena in education. In addition, cultural capital and inequalities in education and university structure are topics of great importance to members of the network. Last but not least, some of our members are interested in the epistemological aspect of the meaning of education itself.

The network will focus in the future on organising workshops related to the above matters as well as sessions in international conferences such as the "Cultural Crossroads" conference to be held in July 1996 at Tampere, Finland.


Nicos Gousgounis
Pedagogical Institute of Athens
Solomou 41, P. Psichico,
GR-154 52 Athens, Greece
Phone: 66.24.554

Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State

The importance of employment and labour market for the life chances of the members in the European nation states and in the developing common labour market of the European Union is undisputed. The specific and discriminated situation of women is an important reason to study the complex interrelation of the societal and labour market situation (not only) of women.

Workshops on "Gender Relations and the Labour Market" were organized at both the First and the Second European Conferences of Sociology and both times the workshops attracted great interest.

Future Activities of the Network:

  • Initiating and intensifying comparative research with the aims of clarifying theoretical explanations and providing more empirical based material for political strategies to improve women's disadvantaged / discriminated situation in the emerging European labour market;
  • Establishing research groups and reinforcing contacts between researchers;
  • Organizing smaller research centered meetings and conferences.


Eva Cyba

[until May 1996:]
Lustgasse 12/17, A-1030 Wien, Austria
Fax: +43 1 715 2288

[from June 1996 on:]
Institute for Advanced Studies,
Stumpergasse 56 A-1060 Wien, Austria
Fax: +43 1 597 0635


Thomas Boje

Department of Sociology, Umea University, S-90187 Umea, Sweden

Fax: +46 90 16 66 94

Economic Sociology

The basic aim of this Research Network is to strengthen the cooperation between economic sociologists in Europe; it may also have links to the International Sociological Association's Economy and Society group, to members of the ASA and to SASE. Primary communication will be through E-mail.


Gyvrgy Lengyel
Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Department of Sociology, Bp. Fvvam t. 8, 1093 Budapest, Hungary
Phone/Fax: +36 1 2175-172

Richard Swedberg
Stockholm University,
Department of Sociology (B-933),
S-10691 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 8-163192
Fax: 8-6125580

Sociology of Communications and Media Research

The interests of this research network will be in fostering research and debate about the social role of communications, information and media in the constitution of the public sphere, and in the sociological analysis of the role of communications in contemporary social change.


Peter Golding
Department of Social Sciences,
Loughborough University,
Loughborough, Leicestershire,
LE11 3TU, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1509 223390
Fax: +44 1509 238277