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Notes and Abbreviations in the Following Table:

CoE Council of Europe, Strasbourg. DEMTSDB Demographic Time Series Data Base, EURODATA, MZES. EUROSTAT Statistical Office of the European Union, Luxembourg. OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris. A 1994; B 1993; C 1992; D 1991; E 1990; F 1989; G 1988; H 1987; I 1986; J 1985; K 1984; L 1983; M 1982; N 1981; O 1980; P 1979; Q former "West Germany"; R Great Britain; S England and Wales.

Table 1: Population movement

Table 2: Population structure

Table 3: Household structures

Table 4: Family structure

Table 5: Household amenities

Table 6: Female work participation

Table 7: Economic macro indicators