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EKEM - Hellenic Centre for European Studies

by St. Perrakis

The Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM) was founded in 1988 by law 1791/88. EKEM is a research centre whose main objective is the study and research of issues that lie at the heart of developments in the European Union and Europe in general, especially as they affect the Greek policy-making process.

Orientation and Objectives

EKEM operates as a communication link between the government, the academic community and the private sector and attempts to contribute to the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive and cohesive European policy. It constitutes a research field and a platform for dialogue on matters of European cooperation as well as a liaison between Greece and the rest of Europe. EKEM's autonomous intervention in public debate and its effective contribution to policy formulation and the promotion of public awareness are based on the principles of independence and pluralism, principles that are imperative for its operation. Research and the forging of scientific dialogue are the fundamental and permanent objectives of EKEM. They offer the possibility of scientific support to the Greek policy of adjustment in the process of European integration and the potential for substantial initiatives aimed at strengthening the country's position within the European Union.

Operation and Activities

EKEM organizes a number of research groups, public debates, scientific workshops and international conferences. For the realization of its objectives it maintains, both in Greece and abroad, an extensive network of scientific collaborators and specialists, whom it often subcontracts for studies and research projects. It also cooperates closely with corresponding research institutes, universities, international organizations and institutional entities of the European Union. Additionally, it participates in European and international research programmes in areas pertinent to its activities.

Since it has been in operation EKEM has already exhibited an impressive research activity. Priority has been given to foreign policy developments as well as to the problems of adjustment and the active participation of Greece in the development of European economic and political integration.

These activities are complemented by a series of working meetings, in which policy proposals and research conclusions are being presented and discussed. Closed-circle meetings are of particular importance. There specialized problems are examined by a limited number of select officials from the public administration and the private sector.

Finally, the publishing work of EKEM - in Greek and in other languages - is extensive, including Monographs-Studies and Working Papers, which constitute the products of its research work.

Balkan Unit

EKEM participates in the growing activities of the European Union in the area of Central and Eastern Europe and maintains a special interest in developments in the Balkans as well as in the area of the Black Sea Cooperation.

The establishment and operation of the BALKAN UNIT of EKEM, with specific objectives, specialized services and flexibility of action, has contributed to the systematic organization of its activities in the Balkan countries. Within this context it publishes a monthly Newsletter and Reports on recent developments in the Balkans and offers consulting services to businesses and organizations.

The Library

EKEM possesses a specialized library, open to the public, which holds Greek and foreign books and scientific journals basically on European affairs. The library has been accredited and assigned by the European Commission and the Council of Europe as a depository library, i.e. a receiver of their official publications.

Financial Sources

The financial sources of EKEM stem from regular grants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EC Commission, from the participation fees of the Centre in research programmes of the European Community/Union and other research and non-profit organizations, from private-sector sponsors, from members subscriptions and from the revenues from the sale of its publications.


EKEM is being administered by a seven member board for a four year term. The President of the Administrative Board is also General Director of the Centre (Art. 2 of Law 1791/88).

President of the Administrative Board and General Director:

St. Perrakis, Associate Professor.

Vice President: V. Constantineas, Expert A', Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Secretary: Al. Papanastassiou, Head of Administrative Services, EKEM.

Members: N. Analytis, Vice President, Federation of Greek Industries; El. Plaskovitis, General Secretary, Ministry of National Economy; Ant. Papayannidis, Journalist; P. Tsoukatou, member of Administration, Greek Confederation of Labour (G.S.E.E.), President of the Institute of Labour (G.S.E.E.).

Academic Council

D. Constas, Professor, Rector, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences;

A. Fatouros, Professor, University of Athens, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science and Public Administration;

Th. Georgakopoulos, Professor, Economic University of Athens;

Chr. Geraris, Counselor of State, former member of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities;

Chr. Rozakis, Professor, University of Athens, Dean, Faculty of Law, Vice President of the European Commission of Human Rights;

G. Sekeris, Honorary Ambassador;

St. Thomadakis, Professor, University of Athens, Faculty of Law, Economic Department.

The role of the Academic Council is to advice on the allocation of EKEM's research projects as well as to supervise their progress.

EKEM Publications 1995-96


S. Perrakis (ed.): Immigration and the European Union. Building on a Comprehensive Approach. Athens: Sakkoulas Publishers, 1995 (in English and French).

S. Perrakis, N. Frangakis (ed.): The Third Greek Presidency of the EC/UE: an Assess. Athens: Sakkoulas Publishers, 1995 (in Greek).

EKEM: The European Community and the Balkans. Athens: Sakkoulas Publishers, 1995 (in English and French).

EKEM: The Institutional Dimensions of the European Union in the after-Maastricht period. Athens: Sakkoulas Publishers, 1995 (in Greek).

S. Perrakis (ed.): The European Union after the Intergovernmental Conference of 1996: the Position and Role of Small and Medium - in Respect of Population - Member States, Proceedings of the Conference, Athens, 6-7 October 1995, EKEM. Athens: Livanis Publishers, 1996.

EKEM: Reflections on a Strategy for Europe. Athens: Livanis Publishers, 1996.

S. Perrakis (ed.): The Aegean Sea and the New Law of the Sea, Proceedings of the Conference, Rhodes 4-6 November 1994. Athens: Sakkoulas Publishers, 1996 (in Greek).

Working Papers

S. Perrakis: The Greek Presidency of the EU, (January-June 1994), Athens, 1995, No. 30 (in Greek).

G. Kranidiotis, G. Anastasopoulos, G. Theonas, M. Papayiannakis: The Future of the Process of European Unification - Prospects of the Intergovernmental Conference of 1996, Athens, 1995, No. 31 (in Greek).

G. Bakatsianos, H. Romaidou: Monetary Exchanges between Greece and the European Community and the Forming of the Basic Economic Figure of Greece in the Framework of the European Community, Athens, 1995, No. 33 (in Greek).

M. Papadopoulou: Constitutional Reforms in the Ex-socialist Countries of the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Albania), Athens, 1995, No. 34 (in Greek).

Research group (under the direction of S. Wallden): Greece and EU Enlargement Towards Central and Eastern Europe, Athens, 1995, No. 35 (in Greek).

Working group: The New Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Athens, No. 36 (in Greek).

E. Stoforopoulos, A. Makrydimitris: The System of Foreign Policy: an Institutional Dimension - Elaboration and Follow-up; Cohesion and Coordination; Analysis and Planning. Athens, No. 37 (in Greek).

Proceedings of the International Conference (29-30 May 1995): European Security: Present and Future, Athens, No. 38 (in Greek).

Series: "Etudes Balkaniques"

S. Wallden: The Economy of FYROM. Athens: Sakkoulas Publishers, 1996, No. 1 (in Greek).

X. Petrinioti: Labour Force, Employment and Labour Market in Bulgaria. Athens: Sakkoulas Publishers, 1996, No. 2 (in Greek).

Regular Publications

Balkan Briefing (monthly informative report, from 9/1993, in Greek and in English).

Semi-annual report (on evolutions in the Balkans, from 9/1993, in Greek and in English).

Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM)

1, G. Prassa&Didotou Street
GR-106 80 Athens
Phone 301-363-6880, 363-6963, 364-3277.
Fax 301-363-1133.

St. Perrakis is Associate Professor and President of the Administrative Board and General Director of EKEM.

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