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EURODATA Newsletter No. 5 Article 5, p.19

KEKMOKOP - The Social Morphology and Social Policy Centre, Panteion University, Athens

In line with the institutionalization of sociology in Greece since 1974, in 1990-91 a second social science department was established at Panteion University. This department has its own research centre, called KEKMOKOP which hosts a bibliographical database on Greek society and social sciences (GLAFKA). This database is on-line accessible via the Greek national host ERMES of the National Documentation Centre.

The Social Morphology and Social Policy Centre (KEKMOKOP according to its Greek acronym) was established in 1989 by decision of the Senate of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. The Centre is the research unit of the Department of Social Policy and Social Anthropology. Its main purpose is:

- to provide direct links between practice and teaching, and to create an ongoing enriching feedback for both sides this way;

- to give support and specific content to postgraduate studies;

- to help the teaching staff to keep up to date about new scientific developments and new research processes and practices;

- to enable students to acquire research experience which they can use in their future careers;

- to contribute to the promotion of social research practice in Greece.

The Centre is administratively and financially independent, subject only to the surveillance of the University Senate. It is run by an Executive Committee composed of four faculty members and one student representative.

The Centre's financial resources come from a wide variety of sources, including donations, subsidies, and income arising from its activities. Its property and assets, as well as any rights stemming from its activities, are property of the University. All economic transactions of the Centre are carried out through the University Research and Transmitting Committee, which acts as the Centre's economic administrator. Payments and deposits to the Centre are made to Bank Account no. 540995/04, National Bank of Greece, Central Branch Office.

The main targets of the Centre include:

* Synchronic, diachronic, and comparative sociological and anthropological research concerning social morphology, social dynamics, and social policy in Greece and other countries in Europe, the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Near East, which are of direct interest to the country.

* Research and/or studies on subjects of social morphology, demography, anthropology, applied sociology and social policy that may be carried out either by the Centre alone or in cooperation with other - public and/or private educational or scientific - institutions in Greece or abroad.

* The production of any kind of educational, audio-visual and other auxiliary material for the support and advancement of effective teaching, training and research on issues which fall within the scope of the Centre and the scientific activities of its scientific members.

* The furthering of any scientific initiative and activity which may:

(i) support teaching in the Department of Social Policy and Social Anthropology;

(ii) point out the immediate relevance of theory to social reality and its problems;

(iii) make scientific knowledge and problems more accessible to the wider scientific community outside the University.

Means of achieving these targets include:

* carrying out research and studies;

* holding seminars, scientific meetings, conferences, lectures, etc. on particular subject areas;

* implementing special programmes for training key administrative staff of public and private institutions on subjects which fall within the Centre's scientific competence;

* producing teaching and training material (scientific archives, databases, film archives, radio and TV programmes, etc.) on issues falling within the scientific competence of the KEKMOKOP in order to support its scientific, research and training activities;

* establishing cooperation with other educational and scientific institutions in Greece and abroad as well as with public and private agents for the implementation of common research projects;

* promoting scientific publications in the form of Working Papers or any other suitable form, scientific work related to the Centre's activities and carried out by Teaching Staff and by undergraduate or postgraduate students of the Department of Social Policy and Social Anthropology.

The Executive Committee of the Centre (KEKMOKOP)

Director: Professor K. Kassimati
Alternate Director: Professor D.G. Tsaoussis
Secretary: Professor D. Gefou-Madianou
Financial Supervisor: Assoc. Professor L. Moussourou
A Student Representative designated by the Students' Association.

Social Morphology and Social Policy Center (KEKMOKOP)
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
97, Kalliroes Street
GR-11745 Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30-1-9238535 / 9238473 / 9237925 / 9238841
Fax: +30-1-9223690