A Comparative Analysis of Transitions from 
Education to Work in Europe

CATEWE aims at analysing the transition from education to work in a comparative European perspective. The objective of this research is to develop a more satisfactory framework for understanding transitions in different European systems and to use this framework to analyse the factors affecting success and failure in education/training outcomes and labour market integration. There will be a major focus on delineating the institutional embeddedness of these transition processes, thus enhancing comparative knowledge on the operation of different linkages between the education and training system and the labour market. The research will have a dynamic perspective, analysing changes in transition processes over time and their relationship to changes in institutional and labour market conditions.

The project uses a particularly rich source of data on transitions: regular and longitudinal surveys of school leaversí surveys in Ireland, Scotland, France and the Netherlands. These analyses will be enriched and extended by comparative analyses of the Labour Force Surveys for a wider range of European countries. Together, comparative analyses of these two sources of data will provide a strong empirical basis for studying the process of initial labour market entry, the factors influencing successful integration or exclusion, and the interaction of these factors with institutional and societal variables.

Network Co-ordination and Contact
Contact to the 
Professor Damian F. Hannan
Dr Emer Smyth  
Economic and Social Research Institute  
4 Burlington Road  
Dublin 4  
Contact at the MZES
Professor David Raffe
(LFS Co-ordinator)
Centre for Educational Sociology
University of Edinburgh  
St Johns Land -Holyrood Road  
Edinburgh EH8 8AQ  

CATEWE is funded by the European Commission under the Targeted Socio-Economic Research (TSER) programme for the period December 1997-December 2000. 

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