Political Leaders and Democratic Elections

This page contains the data-files of the Political Leaders and Democratic Elections Project. Micro-data come in a country-specific and in an integrated version.
Country-specific zip-files for Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the USA are now available in a final version. With the exception of Canada where the last election is missing, these files include all the election studies that were agreed upon in the Cadenabbia project meeting. The integrated file (stacked and merged) combines 32 target variables from these nine country files and contains as many as 567705 cases (party evaluations). The macro-data file contains 32 variables: technical variables, leader characteristics, party characteristics and coefficients of logistic regressions, which give information about the influence of party and leader evaluations on the individual party choice. The final documentation is still missing, but it will be available shortly.

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Contact: Hermann Schmitt