The Euromanifestos Project has been funded from January 2002 until December 2005. To find out more about our research goals, the components of our project, and our schedule, you may take a look at the research proposal (in German) submitted to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in January 2001.

Since Januray 2002 we have worked on the following six tasks:

1) Completion of the Euromanifestos collection

We have been able to store 84% of all Euromanifestos, ranging from 47% in Greece up to 100% in fourteen countries. The following tables (pdf files, click on flag) provide the detailed country-specific information:

EU European Parties

AT Austria

GR Greece

POL Poland

BE Belgium


PT Portugal

CYP Cyprus


SLOVK Slovakia 

Czech Republic


SLO Slovenia

DA Denmark

LAT Latvia

ES Spain

EST Estonia

LIT Lithuania

SV Sweden

FI Finland

LU Luxembourg

UK United Kingdom

FR France


DE Germany
NL The Netherlands

A country name in blue indicates that this collection is complete. For countries in black, some manifestos could not be collected. We have developed a database that stores all Euromanifestos collected, and which will become publicly available at the end of the project.


2) Developing an Euromanifestos Coding Scheme (EMCS)
Based on the classical MRG coding frame, the EMCS is more detailed wherever necessary and includes the national and the EC/EU level. The first edition of the EMCS, the EM Coding Instructions, and the Coding Sheet are available as PDF files, but a compilation is also available as MZES Working Paper 64. For the 2004 Euromanifestos, we have updated the EMCS to EMCS II.

3) EM Coding Conference at Mannheim

For the EM coding, we have recruited one to three experts for each country. The EM team and the prospective coders gathered for a conference to discuss and to train the application of the EMCS at the MZES, Mannheim/Germany, July 4-7, 2002.

4) EM Expert Coding
The expert coding of EM has started in September 2002 and has been completed in June 2005. The following table summarizes EM collection and coding by country.

5) EM Computerized Coding
During 2002, we have scanned all EM issued on the eve of the 1999 elections to the European Parliament in preparation of computerized coding. In doing so, we have cleared all scanned EM and have stored these as txt files for the Textpack coding. Dictionaries for the computerized coding have so far been developed in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Swedish. A Spanish version will follow.

6) Data Analyses
We have started to analyze 1999 data both of the expert and of the computerized coding for the Euro-Parties in 2004. We have also started to analyze the 2004 data, and intend to finish our analyses during 2006.