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CONNEX Authors only

Here you will find a list of all EUROGOV papers from authors formally involved in CONNEX (Connecting Excellence on European Governance).

2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008

EUROGOV No. C-08-04 / August 12 , 2008
T. Blom, E. Radulova and C. Arnold
Theorizing Modes of Governance in the EU:
Institutional Design and Informational Complexity
EUROGOV No. C-08-03 / July 21, 2008
Sandra Kröger
Nothing but consultation: The place of organised civil society in EU policy-making across policies
EUROGOV No. C-08-02 / July 21, 2008
Laurie Boussaguet and Renaud Dehousse
Lay people’s Europe: A Critical Assessment of the First EU Citizens’ Conferences
EUROGOV No. C-08-01 / January 31, 2008
Paul Magnette and Yannis Papadopoulos
On the politicization of the European consociation:
A middle way between Hix and Bartolini
EUROGOV No. C-07-03 / December 17, 2007
Madeleine O. Hosli and Christine Arnold
The Importance of Actor Cleavages in Negotiating the European Constitutional Treaty
EUROGOV No. C-07-02 / May 10, 2007
Charles F. Sabel and Jonathan Zeitlin
Learning from Difference: The New Architecture of Experimentalist Governance in the European Union
EUROGOV No. C-07-01 / February 20, 2007
Ank Michels
Theories and core principles of Dutch democracy
EUROGOV No. C-06-03 /  April 7, 2006
John Erik Fossum and Hans-Jörg Trenz
When the people come in: Constitution-making and the belated politicisation of the European Union
EUROGOV No. C-06-02 /  April 7, 2006
Carol Harlow and Richard Rawlings
Promoting Accountability in Multi-Level Governance:
A Network Approach
EUROGOV No. C-06-01 /  January 16, 2006
Mark Bovens

Analysing and Assessing Public Accountability.
A Conceptual Framework
EUROGOV No. C-05-04 /  May 30, 2005
Jonathan Zeitlin

Social Europe and Experimentalist Governance:
Towards a New Constitutional Compromise?
EUROGOV No. C-05-03 /  May 18, 2005
Peter Mair

Popular Democracy and the European Union Polity
EUROGOV No. C-05-02  /  March 14, 2005
Andreas Follesdal and Simon Hix

Why There is a Democratic Deficit in the EU: A Response to Majone and Moravcsik

EUROGOV No. C-05-01  /  March 14, 2005
Beate Kohler-Koch

European governance and system integration



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