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NEWGOV Authors only

Here you will find a list of all EUROGOV papers from authors formally involved in NEWGOV (New Modes of Governance).

2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008

EUROGOV Discussion Paper No. 1 –  2008
Stefano Bartolini

Taking ‘Constitutionalism’ and ‘Legitimacy’ seriously
EUROGOV No. N-07-03 /  July 17, 2007
Christian Joerges
Integration through de-legislation? An irritated heckler
EUROGOV No. N-07-02 /  March 20, 2007
Fabrizio Cafaggi and Horatia Muir Watt
The Making of European Private Law:
Regulation and Governance design
EUROGOV No. N-07-01 /  January 16, 2007
Manuele Citi and Martin Rhodes

New Modes of Governance in the EU:
Common Objectives versus National Preferences
EUROGOV No. N-06-01 /  March 7, 2006
Stijn Smismans

New Modes of Governance and the Participatory Myth
EUROGOV No. N-05-02 /  November 17, 2005
Oliver Treib, Holger Bähr and Gerda Falkner

Modes of Governance: A Note Towards Conceptual Clarification
EUROGOV No. N-05-01 /  September 19, 2005
Sabina Avdagic, Martin Rhodes and Jelle Visser

The Emergence and Evolution of Social Pacts:
A Provisional Framework for Comparative Analysis


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