William A. Maloney and Jan W. van Deth (Eds.)

  Civil Society and Governance in Europe vergrößerte Ansicht in neuem Fenster  
  From National to International Linkages  


  267 p., Edward Elgar Publishing, USA, UK, 2008  

ISBN: 978 1 84720 758 6


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Notes on Editors


The contributors to this new book analyse the opportunities for civil society associations to contribute to European integration and decision-making from various perspectives. The research demonstrates that the Europeanization process – in terms of civil society actors adapting to the European political space – has an uneven development.


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List of contributors
Part I: Introduction
Introduction: from bottom-up and top-down towards multi-level governance in Europe, Jan W. van Deth and William A. Maloney

Bringing society back in: civil society, social capital and the third sector, Annette Zimmer and Matthias Freise
Part II: Buttom-up: Civil Society and Voluntary Associations
The associational impact on attitudes towards Europe: a tale of two cities, William A. Maloney and Jan W. van Deth
The political opportunity structure for civil society organisations in a multilevel context: society movement organisations and the European Union, Marc Hooghe
Bringing the citizens closer to the EU? The role of civil society in Wales in the European Convention, Deborah Cook
Europeanisation as empowerment of civil society: all smoke and mirrors?, Cristina Elena Parau and Jerry Wittmeier Bains
Citizenship, welfare and the opportunities for political mobilisation: migrants and unemployed compared, Didier Chabanet and Marco Giugni
Part III: Top-down: Interest Mediation and Decision Making
8. Addressing the ´communication gap´: the difficult connection of European and domestic political spaces, Cécile Leconte
9. The role of interest groups in fostering citizen engagement: the determinants of outside lobbying, Christine Mahoney
10. Coalition structures in national policy networks: the domestic context of European politics, Silke Adam, Margit Jochum and Hanspeter Kriesi
11. European Union support for civil society in the Baltic states, Susan Stewart
Part IV: In Conclusion
12. Conclusion: Europeanization, multi-level governance and civil society, William A. Maloney and Jan W. van Deth

Notes on Editors:

William A. Maloney
Professor of Politics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Jan W. van Deth

Professor of Political Science and International Comparative Social Research, University of Mannheim, Germany