Peter Flora, Fanz Kraus, Heinz-Herbert Noll, Franz Rothenbacher  
  Social statistics and social reporting in and for Europe vergrößerte Ansicht in neuem Fenster  
  [Europe in comparison : a series of guidebooks for the social sciences , VOL. 1]  
  332 S., Bonn, Informationszentrum Sozialwiss., 1994  
  ISBN 3-8206-0096-5  
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The constribution to this volume represent the revised papers of a workshop of "Social Statistics and Social Reporting in and for Europe". Scholars from very different institutional contexts were brought together to gain an overview of current structures, activities and approaches in social data production at the international (OECD, EU) as well as the national level.

The eleven papers deal with various aspects of EU data such as

  • EU social statistics / social protection statistics / health statistics
  • Interrelations of German and EU social statistics
  • The EUROBAROMETER programme of the European Commission and the activities of the Centre of European Surveys and Studies (ZEUS)
  • Research and data holdings of the OECD in the social data field
  • Organisation and results of the International Social Survey Programme
  • National and international approaches in social reporting in the whole of Europe as well as in Germany

The spectrum and quality of the constribution have made it possible to produce a comprehensive book on social reporting and social statistics in Europe which will be useful to all social scientists working in this field.

Table of Contents


Peter Flora: Preface

Franz Rothenbacher: Social Reporting in Europe

Hannu Uusitalo: Social Statistics and Social Reporting in the Nordic Countries

Edwin Beil: The OECD Programme of Work on Social Policy

Franz Kraus: Social Statistics of the European Community (EC)

Waltraud Moore: The Linkage of EC and National Statistics: the Federal Statistical Office of Germany as an Example

Heinz-Herbert Noll: National Social Reporting in European Perspective: The Federal Republic of Germany

Chantal Hebette/Franz Rothenbacher: The European System of Integrated Social PROtection Statistics - ESSPROS

Reiner Leidl, J. John, A. Mielck, W Satzinger: Selected Issues in European Community Health Reporting

Uwe Wamer: The Luxembourg Income Study as an Instrument for Comparative Sociological, Socio-Economic, and Socio-Political Research

Michael Braun: The International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)

Jürgen Hofrichter: The EUROBAROMETER Programme of the EC Commission, ZEUS and the EUROBAROMETER Database