Franz Rothenbacher  
  Europe in comparision   vergrößerte Ansicht in neuem Fenster    
  A series of guidebooks for the social sciences    
  [Statistical Sources for Social Research on Western Europe 1945-1995, VOL. 6]  
  399 S., Opladen, Leske + Budrich, 1998  
  ISSN 0946-2023, ISBN 3-8100-2047-8  


This book provides access to the field of official statistics that are relevant to the social sciences in the realms of demographic statistics, economic and social statistics. The period of time covered is the second half of the 20th century; however, this guide also touches the long-term development of official statistics. It describes both the supranational statistics of the European Union and statistics produced by international organizations (United Nations and its specialized agencies as well as other intergovernmental - IGOs - and nongovernmental - NGOs - organizations pertinent to the social sciences.
Apart from international statistics this book also deals with national statistics country by country. A special chapter documents secondary statistics published in the form of historical statistics, statistical compendia and data handbooks. Detailed introductory texts and annotations make it easier to use the book as a "reference book" and "guide".
The extensive introduction discusses organization, legal basis, data production and current as well as future developments in European official statistics.