Dario Castiglione, Jan W. Van Deth & Guglielmo Wolleb  
  The Handbook of Social Capital vergrößerte Ansicht in neuem Fenster  
  744 p., New York, Oxford University Press Inc., 2008  

ISBN: 978-0-19-927123-8


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Notes on Contributors


Social capital is a relatively new concept in the social sciences. In the last twenty or so years it has come to indicate that networks of social relationships represent a 'resource' for both the individual and society, since they provide support for the individual and facilitate collective action. Although this is not an entirely new idea, the more systematic way in which social capital captures such an intuition has created a new theoretical paradigm and helped to develop a series of innovative research programs in politics, economics, and the study of human well-being. The concept has gained currency beyond academia, extending its influence to political and policy-making circles at local, national, and international levels. It has also affected the way in which social surveys are conceived and public policies assessed. As the idea of social capital has spread, the literature about it has increased exponentially. After twenty years of rapid expansion it is time for a more considered and critical assessment of how the original concept has been adapted and refined, and how successful its application has been. The Handbook of Social Capital intends to do precisely that. It offers a state-of-the-art view of discussions about the concept of social capital and the way in which it has been applied in empirical research.

The organization of the Handbook reflects this intention by focusing on conceptual development and analysis in the first part; by identifying two main areas of research in which social capital has favored the development of new and influential research programs--political participation in democratic societies, and economic development; and by exploring the more normative and policy oriented consequences of social capital. All chapters comprising the volume were specifically written for the Handbook by some of the main experts in the fields. The book provides an authoritative and innovative introduction to the study of social capital.


Part I: Conceptual Issues
Introduction: Conceptual Issues in Social Capital Theory , Dario Castiglione
Relational Capital and System Capital , Hartmut Esser
2. A Network Theory of Social Capital , Nan Lin
3. Social Capital and Collective Action , T.K. Ahn and Elinor Ostrom
4. Trust as a Moral Value , Eric M. Uslaner
5. The Nature and Logic of Bad Social Capital , Mark E. Warren
6. Measuring Social Capital , Jan W. van Deth
7. Social Capital as a Research Programme , Dario Castiglione
Part II: Democratic Politics
Introduction: Social Capital and Democratic Politics , Jan W. van Deth
8. Social Capital and Civic Engagement: A Comparative Perspective , Sigrid Rossteutscher
9. Trust and Politics , Kenneth Newton
10. Political Institutions and Generalized Trust , Bo Rothstein and Dietlind Stolle
11. Interests Groups and Social Capital , William Maloney
12. Neighbourhood Politics , Herman Lelieveldt
13. Social Capital in Multicultural Society , Meindert Fennema and Jean Tillie
Part III: Economic Development
Introduction: Social Capital and Economic Development , Guglielmo Wolleb
14. Social Capital in Economics , Domenico Cersosimo and Rosanna Nisticò
15. A Relational Approach to the Theory and Practices of Economic Development , Michael Woolcock and Elizabeth Radin
16. The Role of Social Capital in Development , Anirudh Krishna
17. Microfinance and Social Capital , Laura Foschi
18. Social Capital and Economic Performance in Transition Economies , Martin Raiser
19. Social Capital, Institutions, and Collective Action between Firms , Alessandro Arrighetti, Gilberto Seravalli, and Guglielmo Wolleb
Part IV: Between Community and Society
Introduction: Social Capital between Community and Society , Dario Castiglione
20. Voluntary Associations and Socialization , Marc Hooghe
21. Membership and Inequality , Stephen Durlauf
22. Social Capital Theory and Capabilities , Flavio Comim
23. Social Capital and Welfare Policies , Bill Jordan
24. Public Policy and Social Capital , Vivien Lowndes and Lawrence Pratchett

Notes on Contributors:

Dario Castiglione is Reader in Political Theory at the University of Exeter.

Jan W. van Deth is Professor of Political Science and International Comparative Social Research at the University of Mannheim.

Guglielmo Wolleb is Professor of Economics at the University of Parma.