Franz Rothenbacher  
  The European Population, 1850-1945   vergrößerte Ansicht in neuem Fenster    
  The Societies of Europe    
  [A Historical Datahandbook Series, ed. by P. Flora, F. Kraus, F. Rothenbacher]  
  846 S., Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2002  
  ISBN: 0-333-77705-5  

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Abstract :

The European Population 1850-1945 is the first volume of two, providing the most comprehensive statistical set available an Western European demography. It is a comparative and historical data handbook with accompanying CD-ROM, presenting series data an demographic developments, population and household structures for the countries of Western and Central Europe.
The second volume will appear as part of the Societies of Europe series in 2003 and will cover changes until the year 2000.

All major fields of demographic change are covered: fertility, mortality, marriage, and divorce. Population figures are given for each population census by sex, civil status and age. Major demographic developments within the family are described providing a commentary an the main population structures and trends in Europe since the 19th century.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains the complete collection of results presented in standardized formats, allowing the user to manipulate and compare the data as required. Information has been made completely machine-readable (Excel) according to standard rules and across countries and time periods. In addition to demographic indicators, absolute figures have been included for further individual, in-depth analysis.

The book is part of the historical data handbook series 'The Societies of Europe', edited by members of the MZES.

Table of Contents:

  Editorial Introduction by Peter Flora  
  Preface and Acknowledgements  
  List of Symbols  
  List of Tables  
  List of Figures  
  Abbreviations and Acronyms  
  Part I introduction  
  1 General introduction
  2 Population and territory
  3 Population growth and demographic transition
  4 Marriage, legitimacy, divorce
  5 Households and families
  6 Demographic measures and demographic statistics
  Part II country chapters  
  1 Austria
  2 Belgium
  3 Czechoslovakia
  4 Denmark
  5 Finland
  6 France
  7 Germany
  8 Greece
  9 Hungary
  10 Iceland
  11 Ireland
  12 Italy
  13 Luxemburg
  14 The Netherlands
  15 Norway
  16 Poland
  17 Portugal
  18 Spain
  19 Sweden
  20 Switzerland
  21 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  Part III appendices  
  1 A note on the CD-ROM
  2 Bibliography

The author:

Franz Rothenbacher is a sociologist at MZES. His working fields comprise demographic and family change in Europe and European social and family reporting.