Cees van der Eijk and Hermann Schmitt (Eds.)

  The Multilevel Electoral System of the EU  
  vergrößerte Ansicht in neuem Fenster  
  CONNEX Report Series No 4  
  240 p., Mannheim, 2008  

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Democracy, representation, accountability — all of these "good things" in politics require well-functioning elections. In order to understand the conditions under which elections are more or less likely to yield these desired effects (or other, conceivably unintended consequences) comparative studies — cross-system as well as over-time — are invaluable as they make it possible to explicitly link differences in these conditions with variations in the functioning of electoral processes. This volume contains the proceedings of a CONNEX-sponsored conference of the European Election Studies research group hold in March 2007. Thanks to the large range of expertise gathered, the resulting papers provide stimulating insights into the specificities and challenges of multilevel electoral systems in the EU and some of its member-countries.


Multi-Level Electoral Systems of the European Union: Elaborating Existing Approaches and Defining the Research Agenda for the Future
C. van der Eijk and H.Schmitt

Chapter 1
Coordination between Electoral Arenas in Multi-Level Countries
I. Lago and J.R. Montero

Chapter 2
Differential Voting for Ethnoregionalist Parties in Multilevel Electoral Systems
S.Pérez-Nievas and E.Bonet

Chapter 3
Some Notes on an Emerging Italian Electoral Cycle
P. Segatti

Chapter 4
Split-Ticket Voting in Multi-Level Electoral Competition: European, National and Regional Concurrent Elections in Spain
A. Sanz

Chapter 5
Second-Order Elections versus First-Order Thinking: How Voters Perceive the Representation Process in a Multi-Layered System of Governance
R. Rohrschneider and N. Clark

Chapter 6
Studying and Comparing Second-Order Elections: Examples from Greece, Portugal and Spain
S. Skrinis and E.Teperoglou

Chapter 7
What are (Semi-) Presidential Elections About? The 2006 Presidential Elections in Portugal
P. Magalhães

Chapter 8
Studying Contamination Effects in Multi-Level Systems of Governance: First Thoughts about Hypotheses and Research Design