Mannheim International News Discourse Data Set (MIND)


The MIND data set is a collection of news items spanning one year beginning 1st of August 2015 until the 31st of July 2016. It contains news items of over 110 sources from six countries on four continents. Selected were the most relevant political information sources in each country, for the research question "Religion and Secularism in the Society" in the categories News Website, Printed Newspaper and Blog. Collected was the complete output of each source (e.g. with the topics politics, society, economy, culture, while excluding the topics sport, lifestyle and weather).

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Rinke, Eike Mark ; Löb, Charlotte ; Dobbrick, Timo ; Wessler, Hartmut. 2019. Mannheim International News Discourse Data Set (MIND). Mannheim University Library, MADATA