Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (pairfam)


The German Family Panel pairfam is a multidisciplinary, longitudinal study on partnership and family dynamics in Germany. The annually collected survey data from a nationwide random sample of more than 12,000 persons of three birth cohorts (1971-73, 1981-83, 1991-93) and their partners, parents and children offer unique opportunities for the analysis of partner and intergenerational relationships as they develop over the course of multiple life phases.

Directors MZES: 
Directors other: 
Karsten Hank, University of Cologne
Johannes Huinink, University of Bremen
Bernhard Nauck, Chemnitz University of Technology
Franz Neyer, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Sabine Walper, German Youth Institue (DJI) Munich
Involvement MZES: 
Until 2011 one part of the pairfam project was located at the MZES with Prof. Josef Brüderl as project leader.
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Brüderl, Josef, Karsten Hank, Johannes Huinink, Bernhard Nauck, Franz J. Neyer, Sabine Walper, Philipp Alt, Petra Buhr, Laura Castiglioni, Christine Finn, Kristin Hajek, Michel Herzig, Bernadette Huyer-May, Rüdiger Lenke, Bettina Müller, Timo Peter, Veronika Salzburger, Claudia Schmiedeberg, Elisabeth Schubach, Philipp Schütze, Nina Schumann, Carolin Thönnissen, & Barbara Wilhelm. (2015): The German Family Panel (pairfam). GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA5678 Data file Version 6.0.0, doi:10.4232/pairfam.5678.6.0.0
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until 2011: 57
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2011: 27
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2013: 139