The Socialism of Fools?: Leftist Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism

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12.10.2015 - 12:00 bis 13:30
A 5,6 Raum A 231
Art der Veranstaltung: 
AB B-Kolloquium
Prof. William I. Brustein
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Ohio State University

Anti-Semitism, as it has existed historically in Europe, is generally thought of as having been a phenomenon of the political right.  To the extent that 19th and early 20th century leftist movements have been found to manifest anti-Semitism, their involvement has often been suggested to be a mere fleeting and insignificant phenomenon.  But what has been the relationship between anti-Semitism and the left? 

This study seeks to examine more fully the role that the historic European left has played in developing and espousing anti-Semitic views.  The book draws upon a range of primary and secondary sources, including the analysis of left- and right-wing newspaper reportage, to trace the relationship between the political left and anti-Semitism in France, Germany, and Great Britain from the French Revolution to World War II.  The central premise of the book is that the relationship between the left and anti-Semitism has been much more profound than previously believed.