Neuer Gastwissenschaftler: Bahram Salavati

The MZES will host Bahram Salavati as a guest researcher in dept. A (Prof. Kogan) until 30 September 2014.

Bahram Salavati is a Ph.D. candidate (2011 onward) in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies Programme at the Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS) of Milan State University ( His research project looks mainly at the economic integration of highly skilled immigrants into the labour markets from the institutional perspective. Accordingly, he considers the impacts of the migration policies, skill formation regimes and labour market structure and regulation in the host countries on unemployment and job status gap between natives and immigrants. He has worked (2008-2011) as the human resource development researcher for the Institute for Productivity and Human Resource Development (IPHRD) ( and also collaborated as research assistant (2006-2008) with strategic and economic studies research group at research institute for information and communication technology ( on “Human Resource Training and Development Strategic Plan for Iran’s ICT Sector”.

His other research interests include immigrants’ assimilation, brain circulation & trans-nationalization, human capital formation & development and national human resource strategic planning.

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