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Cohen, Denis, und Chris Hanretty (In Press): Simulating Party Shares. Political Analysis, (publ. online before print). mehr
Bach, Ruben L., Carina Cornesse und Jessica Daikeler (In Press): Equipping the Offline Population with Internet Access in an Online Panel. Does It Make a Difference?. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, (publ. online before print). mehr
Hahm, Hyeonho, David Hilpert und Thomas König (In Press): Divided We Unite: The Nature of Partyism and the Role of Coalition Partnership in Europe. American Political Science Review, (publ. online before print). mehr
Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger, und Christian Schnaudt (In Press): Everyday Political Talk with Strangers: Evidence on a Neglected Arena of the Deliberative System. Politische Vierteljahresschrift, (publ. online before print). mehr
Mayer, Sabrina J., Christoph Nguyen, Jörg Dollmann und Susanne Veit (In Press): The hidden majority/minority consensus: Minorities show similar preference patterns of immigrant support as the majority population.. The British Journal of Sociology, (publ. online before print). mehr
Dollmann, Jörg, Jan O. Jonsson, Carina Mood und Frida Rudolphi (In Press): Is ‘immigrant optimism’ in educational choice a problem? Ethnic gaps in Swedish upper secondary school completion. European Sociological Review, (publ. online before print). mehr
Kogan, Irena, und Jule Schabinger (In Press): Successful due to STEM? Labour market returns to STEM qualifications among skilled immigrants in Germany. European Societies, (publ. online before print). mehr
Mader, Matthias, und Harald Schoen (In Press): Stability of National-Identity Content: Level, Predictors, and Implications. Political Psychology, (publ. online before print). mehr
Lee, Melissa, Nan Zhang und Tilmann Herchenröder (In Press): From Pluribus to Unum? The Civil War and Imagined Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century America. American Political Science Review, (publ. online before print). mehr
Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger, und Manuel Neumann (In Press): Do people like to discuss politics? A study of citizens’ political talk culture. European Political Science Review, (publ. online before print). mehr