Antal Wozniak, Julia Lück, Hartmut Wessler
Frames, Stories, and Images: The Advantages of a Multimodal Approach in Comparative Media Content Research on Climate Change

Environmental Communication, 2015: 9, Heft 4, S. 469-490
ISSN: 1752-4032 (print); 1752-4040 (online)

This paper presents a multimodal research design for the standardized content analysis of climate change coverage in print media. The concepts of framing, narration, and visual representation are integrated into a single coding instrument that can be applied to large-scale media samples from different countries. The proposed research design combines existing measures and novel operationalization. Intercoder reliability scores are reported from a pretest covering newspaper material from Germany, India, South Africa, and the USA. Most variables can be reliably applied across these very different countries, with some exceptions in the more exploratory narrative segment of the analysis. The paper also shows how a multimodal approach to coding climate change coverage can help to avoid potentially one-sided interpretations based on single-mode approaches.