Micha Fischer, Brady T. West, Michael Elliott, Frauke Kreuter
The impact of interviewer effects on regression coefficients

Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 2019: 7, Heft 2, S. 250–274
ISSN: 2325-0984 (print); 2325-0992 (online)

This article examines the influence of interviewers on the estimation of regression coefficients from survey data. First, we present theoretical considerations with a focus on measurement errors and nonresponse errors due to interviewers. Then, we show via simulation which of several nonresponse and measurement error scenarios has the biggest impact on the estimate of a slope parameter from a simple linear regression model. When response propensity depends on the dependent variable in a linear regression model, bias in the estimated slope parameter is introduced. We find no evidence that interviewer effects on the response propensity have a large impact on the estimated regression parameters. We do find, however, that interviewer effects on the predictor variable of interest explain a large portion of the bias in the estimated regression parameter. Simulation studies suggest that standard measurement error adjustments using the reliability ratio (i.e., the ratio of the measurement-error-free variance to the observed variance with measurement error) can correct most of the bias introduced by these interviewer effects in a variety of complex settings, suggesting that more routine adjustment for such effects should be considered in regression analysis using survey data