Christa Altenstetter
European Community - Wide Efforts to Address AIDS

Serie V- Lectures / Vorträge; 1

This study examines the responses of the European Community to AIDS in three areas: (1) two research programs; (2) financial support for AIDSrelated activities as part of international cooperation with ACIP countries; and (3) a variety of measures in the broad spheres of public health, prevention and information. The 1991 - 1993 plan of action, "Europe against AIDS", has added an explicit Community dimension, but aside from this little has changed. The plan merely reiterates the need for international and Communitywide cooperation, and formalizes the efforts to address AIDS which were already in progress before the plan of action was adopted in June 1991. The persistence of AIDS/HIV appears to have influenced the polilical judgements of elite Community and national policy actors over the years. However, the inclusion of a new Title X on Public Health in the Trealy on European Union in Maastricht on 12 Docember 1991 allows for majority voting ori public health and adds legitimacy and credibility to the initiatives of the Commission in the field of AIDS. lt would appear that a 'new architecture' in health in Europe and the European Community is in the making.