Sandra Morgenstern
Inclusion of videos in seminar design

APSA Preprints
1-5 S.
Washington, DC
American Political Science Association

In my seminar sessions, I aim to stimulate discussions, whether about methodological approaches, theory building or ethical considerations. However, in my seminar, generally at least half of my students are exchange students coming from different European universities for one semester. The different university backgrounds lead to different levels of knowledge in, and thus a strong self-imposed imbalance in, seminar discussions (i.e. more men, fewer exchange students). To counter this problem, I am applying one of the lessons of the post-pandemic period in my face-to-face seminar sessions - the ability to exclude parts from seminar sessions by using technological tools that allow students to learn at their own pace. I have produced short videos on different topics of 'advanced academic practice' that students watch and align in preparation for the seminar sessions so that we can start the discussion at the same level in the seminar session. In the name of Open Science, all videos are on the university website and an OER repository for free availability to teachers and students.