Anna Adendorf, Christoffer Florczak
Where Is My Party Now? New Data on Media Coverage of Parties' Ideological Positions Before Elections

20 S.
Mannheim Centre for European Social Research

Political parties’ statements on their policy positions and how their framing in the media stand at the centre of election campaigns. Some statements will be featured more prominently in the media, while less electorally beneficial ones will be downplayed. To assess media coverage of parties’ ideological positions during election campaigns, we performed a media content analysis of election campaigns in ten European countries between 2014 and 2019. This results in three datasets on (i) parties talking about themselves, (ii) parties talking about other parties, and (iii) journalists talking about parties. Furthermore, all three datasets contain information about parties or journalists talking about individual issue areas, parties or journalists talking about the valence of these issue areas, and parties or journalists talking about general valence characteristics. These datasets may further add to comparative research on media coverage on election campaigns.