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Kohler-Koch, Beate, und Christine Quittkat (2017): Studie: Lobbying in Europa. Bonn [Verbändereport – das Fachmagazin für die Führungskräfte der Verbände; 21] mehr
Kohler-Koch, Beate, und David Friedrich (2017): National business interests in the EU: Biased representation?. [11th ECPR General Conference, Oslo, 06. bis 09. September 2017] mehr
Kohler-Koch, Beate, und David Friedrich (2017): Ode to Joy or just a plurality of national anthems: European business interests on their way to an ever closer union or a transnational system of influence?. [UACES 47th Annual Conference, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, 04. bis 06. September 2017] mehr
Kohler-Koch, Beate, Peter Kotzian und Christine Quittkat (2017): The multilevel interest representation of national business associations. West European Politics, 40, Heft 5, S. 1046-1065. mehr
Kostelka, Filip, und Alexander Wuttke (2017): When Too Much Democracy Kills Participation: Election Frequency and Voter Turnout in Canada and Germany. [Annual Conference of the Canadian Political Science Association, Toronto, 30. Mai bis 01. Juni 2017] mehr
Kratz, Agatha, und Harald Schoen (2017): Just Like Leaves in the Wind? Exploring the Effect of the Interplay of Media Coverage and Personal Characteristics on Issue Salience. S. 43-70 in: Harald Schoen, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Bernhard Weßels, Christof Wolf (Hrsg.) Voters and Voting in Context: Multiple Contexts and the Heterogeneous German Electorate. Oxford: Oxford University Press. mehr
Kretschmer, David (2017): Academic Aspiration Similarity in Friendship Networks: Influence, Selection, or Spurious Association?. [INAS 2017. Conference of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists, University of Oslo, 08. bis 09. Juni 2017] mehr
Kretschmer, David (2017): Attitudes towards Homosexuality among Natives and Migrant Descendants: Differences According to Religious and Cultural Background and the Role of Intergenerational Attitude Transmission. [4th Annual BAGSS Conference, University of Bamberg, 20. bis 21. September 2017] mehr
Kretschmer, David (2017): Social Influence in the Formation of Attitudes towards Homosexuality among Adolescent Friends: An Instrumental Variable Approach. [3rd European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN2017), University of Mainz, 26. bis 29. September 2017] mehr
Kreuter, Frauke (2017): Appendix A: Executive Summary from Innovations in Federal Statistics: Combining Data Sources While Protecting Privacy. S. 149–151 in: Robert M. Groves, Brian A. Harris-Kojetin (Hrsg.) Federal Statistics, Multiple Data Sources, and Privacy Protection: Next Steps. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. mehr