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Kretschmer, David, und Lars Leszczensky (2022): In-Group Bias or Out-Group Reluctance? The Interplay of Gender and Religion in Creating Religious Friendship Segregation among Muslim Youth. Social Forces, 100, Heft 3, S. 1307–1332. mehr
Kuhlemann, Jana (2022): Refugees' Time Investments – Differences in the time use of refugees, other immigrants, and the native population in Germany. [RC28 Spring Meeting, London, 21. bis 23. April 2022] mehr
Kuhlemann, Jana (2022): Refugees' time investments — Differences in the time use of refugees, other immigrants, and natives in Germany. Frontiers in Human Dynamics, (article no. 4:1037778), pp. 1-18. mehr
Kuppler, Matthias, Christoph Kern, Ruben L. Bach und Frauke Kreuter (2022): From fair predictions to just decisions? Conceptualizing algorithmic fairness and distributive justice in the context of data-driven decision-making. Frontiers in Sociology , 7, (article no. 883999), pp. 1-18. mehr
Kurella, Anna-Sophie (2022): Consequences of party system fragmentation: Representation, accountability and political participation. [12th Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association, Prague, 23. bis 25. Juni 2022] mehr
König, Thomas, und Guido Ropers (2022): How Gendered Is the Peer-Review Process? A Mixed-Design Analysis of Reviewer Feedback. PS: Political Science & Politics, 55, Heft 1, S. 135-141. mehr
König, Thomas, Nick Lin, Xiao Lu, Thiago N. Silva, Nikoleta Yordanova und Galina Zudenkova (2022): Agenda Control and Timing of Bill Initiation: A Temporal Perspective on Coalition Governance in Parliamentary Democracies. American Political Science Review, 116, Heft 1, S. 231 - 248. mehr
Landesvatter, Camille, und Paul C. Bauer (2022): How valid are trust survey measures? New insights from open-ended probing data and supervised machine learning. [Annual Conference of Experimental Sociology (ACES), Utrecht, 31. August bis 02. September 2022] mehr
Lenzner, Timo, und Jan Karem Höhne (2022): Measuring subjective social stratification: How does the graphical layout of rating scales affect response distributions, response effort, and criterion validity in web surveys?. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 25, Heft 2, S. 269-275. mehr
Leszczensky, Lars (2022): Beeinflusst muslimische Religiosität die Entstehung oder das Ausbleiben von Freundschaften zwischen muslimischen und nichtmuslimischen Jugendlichen?. [41. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Bielefeld, 26. bis 30. September 2022] mehr