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Kappenberger, Jakob, Kilian Theil und Heiner Stuckenschmidt (2022): Evaluating the Impact of AI-Based Priced Parking with Social Simulation. S. 54-75 in: Frank Hopfgartner, Kokil Jaidka, Philipp Mayr, Joemon Jose, Jan Breitsohl (Hrsg.) Social Informatics: 13th International Conference, SocInfo 2022, Glasgow, UK, October 19–21, 2022, Proceedings. Cham: Springer. mehr
Karakasheva, Ralitsa, Jascha Achterberg, Jana Berkessel, Alessia Cottone, Julia Dhar, Jon Jachimowicz, Yuna Lee, Ashley Whillans, Kai Ruggeri und Ludvig Bjorndal (2022): Work and workplace decision-making. S. 157-178 in: Kai Ruggeri (Hrsg.) Psychology and Behavioral Economics: Applications for Public Policy. 2nd edition, London: Routledge. mehr
Kern, Christoph, Frederic Gerdon, Ruben L. Bach, Florian Keusch und Frauke Kreuter (2022): Humans versus machines: Who is perceived to decide fairer? Experimental evidence on attitudes toward automated decision-making. Patterns, 3, Heft 10, (article no. 100591) e-only. mehr
Keusch, Florian (2022): Do you have two minutes to talk about your data? Data donation as a way of collecting digital traces. [RSS International Conference 2022, Aberdeen, 12. bis 15. September 2022] mehr
Keusch, Florian, und Frauke Kreuter (2022): Digital trace data. Modes of data collection, applications, and errors at a glance. S. 100-118 in: Uwe Engel, Anabel Quan-Haase, Sunny Liu, Lars E. Lyberg (Hrsg.) Handbook of Computational Social Science. Volume 1. Theory, Case Studies and Ethics. London: Routledge. mehr
Keusch, Florian, und Frederick G. Conrad (2022): Using smartphones to capture and combine self-reports and passively measured behavior in social research. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 10, Heft 4, S. 863–885. mehr
Keusch, Florian, und Johanna Mehltretter (2022): A Review of the Use of Google Trends Data in Survey and Public Opinion Research. [AAPOR 77th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, 11. bis 13. Mai 2022] mehr
Keusch, Florian, Alexander Wenz und Frederick G. Conrad (2022): Do you have your smartphone with you? Behavioral barriers for measuring everyday activities with smartphone sensors. Computers in Human Behavior, 127, Heft February 2022, (article no. 107054). mehr
Keusch, Florian, Paulina Pankowska, Ruben L. Bach und Alexandru Cernat (2022): Measuring Facebook use: The accuracy of self-reported data versus digital trace data. [Joint Statistical Meetings 2022, Washington, DC, 06. bis 11. August 2023] mehr
Keusch, Florian, Sebastian Bähr, Georg-Christoph Haas, Frauke Kreuter, Mark Trappmann und Stephanie Eckman (2022): Non-participation in smartphone data collection using research apps. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, Statistics in Society, 185, Heft S2, S. S225-S245. mehr